Day Service

Our Services

The Day Service is a safe and nurturing environment, which supports those who are homeless, have been homeless or those on a low income. Based at Beverley Hall in Guildford, our team of dedicated staff helps everyone who comes through the door, whatever their needs.

Hot food

A hot meal can literally be a lifesaver, and we provide fresh-cooked food throughout the day. But as well as feeding the body, we nourish the inner person, too. People have their meals individually served to them at the table, helping to restore a sense of dignity, self-esteem and respect.


Our laundry is open all day, and free to use for those sleeping rough. We also run a scheme providing new clothes to replace old,  this gives people new self-confidence and self-respect, and helps them feel more at ease around others.


Free hot showers are available all day, with clean towels and toiletries provided.


We provide access to basic healthcare and enable people to see a doctor.  In partnership with the council and Surrey County Council we also offer a needle exchange service in a bid to reduce harm.

We also…

We take people to the gym, the cinema and the local swimming pool; we also offer a cooking, art, meditation, fishing and other activities. Alongside this we provide non-judgemental advice and advocacy within the safety of the centre.

Every person we see has a bespoke plan whether this is simply meeting basic needs, providing an environment for socialisation or more in-depth and long term work.  Our approach has been proven to have long lasting impact, and can help bring about real change in people, many of whom have had chaotic and damaged lives. It is often the case that when someone first arrives they need help with benefits, accessing medical care or clean clothing and washing facilities. We try to meet basic needs first and there is always endless cups of tea. We open at 8am- 4pm each day.
It is often the case that many of the people we support have had some trauma in their lives and this makes coping with everyday life a real challenge. Some people just need a chat, others want one to one support at a regular time to work through some of the challenges and daily struggles that they face.