Our town.
Our people..

As in any community, Guildford has people who are struggling, traumatised, living on the edge and in real danger. But because Guildford is widely seen as the definition of the comfortable, prosperous Home Counties town, it’s easy to assume it couldn’t happen here; or if it does, it’s because people have somehow brought it on themselves. So they’re dismissed. Invisible. Forgotten.

Which is where we step in.

Our Projects…..

Our Family Support Service works with those who are struggling with family life and all the challenges this throws our way.  Housing, relationship issues, mental health challenges, difficulties with parenting, domestic abuse and a low income, all make for hard times in what should be an important time for children to have stability.  Working in the family home and groups in the community, our team are on hand to make life that little bit more manageable.

Our Day Service is available to those sleeping rough and those with challenging mental health needs that prevent them from having a safe and fruitful life.  Many people have a reliance on substances or alcohol to help them manage or escape day to day living.  As well as meeting basic needs through access to food, footcare, medical services and washing facilities, we also offer a needle exchange service to reduce harm.

Our social inclusion groups are varied and we are particularly proud of our gym, swimming, fishing and cinema groups.

1 in 6

people in Guildford are suffering from mental health challenges right now


of the homeless people, we help are under 25 years old


of those on the street are victims of violence


of children in Guildford, Stoke Area are living in Poverty