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Bridge The Gap

What is the Bridge the Gap Alliance?

The Bridge the Gap Alliance is a group of third-sector providers that have joined together to provide a specialist, relational model of trauma-informed outreach for adults with multiple disadvantages in Surrey. The alliance partnership includes a number of service providers to facilitate the service throughout the county, including Oakleaf, Catalyst, Rentstart, York Road Project, The Hope Hub, Surrey Domestic Abuse Partnership, and Guildford Action.

What is multiple disadvantage?

A person with multiple disadvantages is defined as someone who is dealing with three or more of the following:

  • Has been involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Suffering from mental health issues.
  • Used or misused substances.
  • Being homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Domestic violence.

A Trauma Informed Approach  helps us make sense of why someone is behaving in the way that they are, and using that to support them in recovery.

Building relationships are at the heart of recovery and we believe that every interaction can be an intervention.

Empowerment, Voice & Choice

Collaboration & Mutuality


Peer Support

Cultural, Historical and Gender issues

Trustworthiness and Transparency