Big Brother Big Sister

Big Brother Big Sister is a mentoring programme which matches ‘Big Siblings’ with ‘Little Siblings’.  Our mentors are fully trained and have ongoing support.

  • Long-term – our mentors are matched with children in primary school, and our aim is to establish enduring relationships which support the child through life transitions. This provides them with the continuity they may lack in other areas of their life.
  • Relationship focused – the only objective of BBBS is to establish a consistent and trusting relationship, where mentors show young people there is someone who believes they matter. There is widespread evidence about the power that relationships can have in helping children overcome adverse childhood experiences and early trauma.
  • Preventative – BBBS can add the most value as an early intervention service, building children’s resilience and supporting the whole family.

If you would like to change a young persons life and can commit to walking alongside a young person who needs a consistent adult, please contact