Action for Families

The GAF service supports isolated families with a variety of complex needs, many of which relate to poverty and domestic abuse. Our experienced team of family support workers have a wealth of knowledge and often support the hardest to reach families.

Their flexible style means they will offer support in the home, but also in community venues. Using coaching and therapeutic skills they are focussed on minimising risk within families and enriching the lives of children through creative work with parents. The team also offer various out of school activities that are designed to promote positive family time in a supportive and relaxed environment.

The family support team work in a way to enhance attachment and to promote all members of the family reaching their potential.  We know that not everyone had the best start in life and many parents carry with them trauma and difficulties from their own childhood.  We believe everyone does the best they can given the personal resources and tools we have.  It is our aim to help build those resources even further, and to share and promote new ways of learning, thinking and responding.

GAF works alongside social workers and other agencies, offering protection and support for families who are often literally out of options. We make sure they get a fair hearing and receive the services and practical assistance they need; once the immediate crisis is over, we keep working with the family to help them create a more positive, sustainable future for themselves.

We have seen a massive increase in numbers of those accessing our projects over the past few years due to economic climate and social welfare reforms. On-going funding is vital to help us continue to support those who need us the most.